Our Elders

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Charles Landreth


Charles Landreth

Charles serves as one of our elders. He has served as a minister and missionary since 1975. His preaching career took him to churches in Tennessee, England, Dallas, and back to Tennessee. He helped establish and served as the director of Central Dallas Ministries. He has served extensively in the former Soviet Union -- serving as a missionary to Volgograd, Russia for a two year period.

Charles and his wife Lynda now direct the highly successful Character for Kids outreach program. This evangelistic mission project promotes character education among youth and young adults in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Hungary.

Charles and Lynda have five children and five grandchildren. They are involved in all aspects of the Carrollton church and are eager to serve the members in a variety of ways. Lynda has just completed her book "Up Right - Character for Kids." It is a book written to help parents in raising children with good character and ethical values.

Larry Bowditch


Larry BowditchLarry serves as one of our elders. He has served extensively in teaching, family support and family ministry since 1981. He is passionate about learning and transferring understanding to others. He served as education facilitator, Education Director, and Youth for Christ President while at the Eastside congregation in Garland Texas. He served as Grief Support Facilitator and board President of ChristianWorks for Children in Dallas where he and his wife Lucille were foster parents for more than ten years. Larry served as Education Director, then shepherd at the Avenue F church in Plano. He facilitates sessions on using technology in teaching and evangelism at the Metroplex Bible Teachers Workshop.

Larry and Lucille have been married for over forty years. They have four adult children and three grandchildren. They work extensively in parenting and marital relationships. They have owned and operated Preschool Partners, a preschool for children, for over seventeen years. They are involved in all aspects of the Carrollton church. They have been influential in growth and spiritual maturity in several congregations in Texas and Florida.

Both look forward to drawing people to God and to Christ to guide them in life. They are helping to make the Carrollton Church the “go-to” place in Carrollton for spiritual maturity and happiness.

Eloy Mahan


Larry BowditchEloy serves as one of our elders. Eloy Mahan and his wife, Kathy are founding members of Carrollton Church of Christ. He has been a Christian for more than 25 years. He served as one of our deacons for several years before becoming an elder in 2020.

Eloy is highly active in taking care of our facilities. He enjoys coordinating our fellowship and benevolence activities.

Eloy has his own handyman company and is widely known in the community for his fairness and the quality of his work and services.

The Mahan’s have six children and sixteen grandchildren.